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Zubby Michael Speak Out – I am the biggest actor in Africa



Zubby Michael Speak Out - I am the biggest actor in Africa

Nollywood actor, Zubby Michael has announced himself the highest-paid and greatly successful entertainer in Africa.
Michael, in an interview with The Broadway TV, indicated that he is presently the biggest actor in Africa.

“No cap! I am the biggest actor in Africa. To God be the glory. I don’t believe anyone is greater than me for now,” the actor disclosed.

“For now, I am the richest actor. The latter time I reviewed my story, I understood I had earned nothing less than N102 million from actor’s fees previously. Not in all my profession, almost of recent. I have a catalog where I pen all the films that I have been in and how much they pay me.”

People’ and Kayode Kasum’s ‘Ponzi’.

Talking about what stimulated the move from Asaba filmmaking, the actor demonstrated that it was strategic. He says he hopes to smash into Hollywood after creating a successful career in big screen Nollywood.

Watch the full interview:

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