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When critics tell SZA she needs to enunciate, she brings up Little Richard.




SZA is clapping back at fans who have grumbled about her vocal stylings as her “I Hate U” clip sizzles with a special appearance from Lakeith Stanfield. SZA, who is signed to Top Dawg Entertainment, has been a fan favorite in the business for years, and she has been a driving force in R&B since the release of her outstanding debut Ctrl. Fans are still waiting for her sophomore album, but in the meantime, SZA has been putting out hit after smash with her solo singles.

Despite the fact that her music has been well received, there are individuals within and outside of her fan base that have reservations about the way she sings.

Singers have thrived on their own signature styles throughout the history of music. It’s easy to see in today’s music culture that many popular R&B singers and rappers adopt a more slurred or muttered delivery. These artists are frequently chastised, yet it’s a style that hasn’t stopped them from achieving success.

“I jus want to know why lil Richard said ‘wapbabaloobop balapbam boom tootie fruity on rootie’ and nobody complained,” SZA tweeted, “but I must ‘ANNUNCIATE’ [eye roll emoji].” Many people agreed with her, but others pointed out that Little Richard made up words and enunciated them, which cast doubt on her reasoning.

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