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The Game Talk About his upcoming Album



The Game Talk About his upcoming Album

The game Lunching is New Album Soon with Hit-Boy

If you needed a reminder, look no further than The Game. “Retirement” is a word that should not be taken lightly when coming  out of a rapper’s mouth, and if you needed a reminder, look no further than The Game. The Game originally stated that his ninth studio album, Born 2 Rap, would be his final full-length release, but now, only days into 2022, he has disclosed that he is working on his tenth album, which will supposedly be produced by Hit-Boy.


The Game has been posting photographs of himself in the studio with Hit-Boy on Instagram for the past few days, with messages like ” “My nigga is known as @hitboy for a reason. Watch this rq #albummode” and “Day 2 & 1/2 way through the album… smokin’ niggas like a roach this year. #albummode.”” Now, he’s back with another teaser that will undoubtedly pique the interest of his longstanding admirers in anticipation of his new album.


While the revamped version retains much of the original design, the “100” rapper offered a fresh and enhanced image of the famous logo that has been present on a majority of his albums, from 2005’s The Documentary to 2019’s Born To Rap, in his newest Instagram post.

The Game captioned the photo, “The logo & the music is back.” “Watch out for my flex album on my next album!!! @hitboy,” he says.


The Game’s new logo, as well as his other album teases, can be seen below

Is a new Game album with Hit-Boy as executive producer something you’d be interested in hearing?

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