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Ric Hassani Blows Hot: I’m Calm And Polite, But I’m Still A Port Harcourt Boy



Ric Hassani Blows Hot: I'm Calm And Polite, But I'm Still A Port Harcourt Boy

Ric Hassani, a soul musician, has made a public service announcement to anybody who feel compelled to mistreat or insult him. The musician issued the warning on Twitter, explaining that despite his calm and pleasant demeanor, he is still a Port Harcourt kid.

He revealed that a troll cursed him on Twitter, calling him an idiot, and that he was able to track down the person, but that he never acted on it due to maturity and self-control. He went on to say that everyone should be respectful of one another.

Ric Hassani on

Many Nigerians, according to the singer, demand that people exhibit themselves before they are respected. Many people get behind their keyboards to quarrel and forget that real life does not rely on data subscription, according to Ric Hassani, who hopes no one pushes him too far.

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