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NDLEA Arrests Instagram Comedian D General For Drugs



According to a live video session on Instagram, the popular Instagram Comedian D General has been arrested after his home was raided by National Drug Law Enforcement Agency agents yesterday (NDLEA).

Comedian D General on

Comedian D General on

The arrest and search of the comedian’s home were captured on video as NDLEA agents rushed his home in an attempt to obtain entrance for a search. However, a particularly harsh Drug Enforcement Agency agent was overheard demanding one of D General’s pals to cease live-streaming what was going on.

While the first slide of the films revealed showed D General quietly discussing access to his flat with the team’s alleged leader, the second and third slides showed a furious exchange about the operatives being filmed.

After the phone used to film the operatives was knocked off, the heated exchange escalated into an assault, but it’s unclear who the victim was.

Comedian D General on

Comedian D General on

You Can Watch The Full Video Below!!

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