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Jennifer Lopez Was Featured as assassin in new Netflix movie



Jennifer Lopez Was Featured as assassin

Jennifer Lopez is reportedly set to return to set for many Netflix productions; ‘The Mother’ and ‘The Cipher’ which she will co-produce.

The Mother’ set to be directed by Disney’s ‘Mulan’ remake Niki Caro, will follow a toxic female assassin who appears of hiding to protect the daughter she gave up years before, while on the run from hazardous men. ‘Lovecraft Country creator Misha Green is credited for scripting the screenplay.

For ‘The Cipher’ which is a modification of Kathe Koja’s bestselling novel of the exact title, Lopez will play an FBI agent hunting down a serial murderer.

The celebrity actress is also billed to star in another Netflix-produced Sci-fi titled ‘ATLAS’. The Brad Peyton-directed film will follow the story of a woman fighting for compassion against an AI soldier who inferred the only way to end war is to end humans.

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