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‘I utilized my own share for post UTME’ – Yahoo boy confesses



‘I utilized my own share for post UTME’ – Yahoo boy confesses

Emmanuel David, a 19-year-old alleged online fraudster, has admitted that the revenues of his internet fraud scam were used to pay for his post-University Matriculation Test Examination expenditures.

David, who was apprehended with two other minors, Chibuike Godspower, 16, and Jesse Izedi, 16, by the Osun State Police Command, also alleged that he was caught in his first trade for N315,000.


Emmanuel revealed that he took the money from a Facebook friend’s online Union-direct account, which he used to withdraw money from a POS terminal.

“The victim had a Union bank account, but as a POS operator, he also has a Union direct account,” he says. “So, when Jedi discovered the victim’s password, I sent the money from the account to Godspower’s online account.”


“I utilized the money to fly to Calabar, Cross River State, for my post-UTME in February of this year, as well as to pay for my lodging.”


Meanwhile, one of his associates said he was paid N10,000 from the earnings for correctly guessing the password.

“When David informed me about his project and that he was having trouble cracking the password, I suggested that he try the victim’s date of birth from 1980 forward, and it worked.” “From the revenues, he handed me N10,000,” he claimed.

Godspower, meanwhile, said he was handed N30,000 after providing his online account details, into which the money was put.



Following a plea from the victim, the offenders were apprehended in the Ojo region of Lagos State, according to Osun Commissioner of Police, Olawale Olokode.


After a thorough investigation, he stated they will be charged in court.

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