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Best Songs of 2001 [Foreign music]

Talkoutmusic make some reverse back to the year of 2001 about the hot and the top, trending songs of 2001, According to Google best song



Best songs of 2001 on talkoutmusic

Best Songs of 2001

Talkoutmusic make some reverse back to the year of 2001 about the hot and the top, trending songs of 2001, According to Google best song of 2001, this are some list of best trending rock track song of 2001, listen and download some! And don’t forget to share.

1. Christina Aguilera – Lady Marmalade (R&B song)

Christina Aguilera, Pink, Lil Kim, and Mya. The concurrent soundtrack That hit the most N0.1 Top songs in 2001 titled Lady Marmalade, and this song was produced by Luhrmann involved Tungs by Bono, The video Hit 410 million views on YouTube, still increasing. Christina Aguilera won MTV Video Music Award for Best Video from a Film, And she also won the Grammy Awards for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. All this Award in 2001.
You can listen to the short lyrics of this song Lady Marmalade by Christina Aguilera! Download more of Christina Aguilera on talkoutmusic.

Touch of her skin feeling silky smooth
Color of café au lait alright
Made the savage beast inside roar until he cried
More, more, more.

2.Blu Cantrell – Hit ‘Em up Style (R&B song)

“Hit ‘Em Up Style” is the debut single of an American singer, This song was Produce and written by Dallas Austin. This song was nominated for best R&B Grammy Awards performance. Hit Me up style was one of the most trended songs in 2001. About 46 million views on Youtube. You can listen to this song on Talkoutmusic And get some of her latest songs here.

While he was scheming
I was beamin’ in the Beamer, just beamin’
Can’t believe that I caught my man cheatin’
So I found another way to make him pay for it all.

3. Usher – U Remind Me (R&B song)

Usher Made this huge Ranking Throwback music, that his fans never forget about Titled U Remind Me. Song was written by Edmund Clement and Anita McCloud and produced by Clement for Usher’s third studio album in 2001. This song makes usher receive his first Grammy Awards for the best male R&B vocal performance in 2002. Usher U Remind Me, hit about 54 million on YouTube in 2021. Listen to Usher You remind me of talkoutmusic. You can get some of his latest mp3 music on talkoutmusic. Hear from his lyrics.

You remind me of a girl, that I once knew
See her face whenever I, I look at you
You won’t believe all of the things she put me through
This is why I just can’t get with you.

4. Jagged Edge – Where The Party At (R&B song)

Jagged Edge release another Trended song in 2001 that spent three weeks at number-one on the U.S. R&B chart. Titled “Where the Party At” featuring American hip-hop artist Nelly. group’s highest-charting single on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100, spending five weeks at number three starting the week of September 15, 2001. Where the party hit 31 million views on YouTube in 2021. and it’s was nominated for Billboard music awards for top R&B song. Watch the video on Talkoutmusic and check out the short lyrics.

All the girls in the club in their best outfits
Just showing that skin, tryna’ make a nigga wanna spit
Where have you been girl? you and your friend
Need to come to the back where we got it locked down
In your white t-shirt or a three-piece suit
Don’t matter what you wear all that matters is who you with
Some jiggy and some are straight grindin’
All up in the club just to have a good time.

5. Sugar Ray – When It’s Over (Rock song).

When It’s Over is rock band Song by Sugar Ray. It was published on all radio formats in 2001, This song music video Reached about 9.4million views to date. It’s one of the favorite rocking music in 2001, watch the video to know more about the song.

6. Missy Elliott Get Ur Freak On (Hip-Hop song).

Missy Elliott Another American dancer singer came out with another recording trending song titled Get ur freak on. It was written and produced by Elliott and Timbaland. This Officials music video cross 59 million views on youtube in 2021. It’s was one of the best hip-hop songs in 2001. Download and listen to the audio& video on talkoutmusic.

7. Eve – Let Me Blow Your Mind (Rap song).

Another Hip-Hop, Rap, Rock song by American rapper Eve, featuring pop singer Gwen Stefani released Hot rap song titled Let me Blow your Mind. It was released on April 2, 2001, as the second and final single from Eve’s second album. Let me blow your mind, Get it over 188 million views on youtube from 2009 till 2021. Get more of her trending song on Talkoutmusic.

8. Michael Jackson – You rock my world (pop song).

Michael Jackson Came out with another hot trending pop song title you rock my world, from American singer. He releases this song in 2001, and it’s was one of his best pop songs, 199 million views on youtube, from 2009 till 2021, He’s a king of dancers and kings of pop! Get some of his songs from him.

9. Dave Matthews Band – The Space Between (Rock song).

The Space Between is a song written by the Dave Matthews Band. It’s a hard Rocking group song! You never wish to miss this throwback song! If you love to listen to rock music, this one of the best song for you. It was released on their 2001 album, Everyday. The official music video of The Space Between still going with 4.7 million views on YouTube.

10. Usher you got it bad (R&B Song).

U Got It Bad is a song by Usher, released through Arista Records as the second official single from his third studio album in 2001. Usher make himself famous to the world by dropping different type of single hit song in the Same year, according to the Official video on YouTube, 242 million people watch this Video, from 2009 till 2021.

11.Janet Jackson – Someone to Call My Lover (Pop song)

“Someone to Call My Lover” is a song by American singer-songwriter Janet Jackson, This song was Written and produced by Jackson, Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis, the song was released as the album’s second single in 2001. A sister to Michael Jackson drop another famous dancing song, in the year 2001 she was nominated for Grammy awards for the best female vocal performance.

12. Shakira Whenever, Wherever (Pop song).

Shakira come out with another dancing song titled Whenever, Wherever. from her fifth studio album and English-language debut. In 2001, this music make it’s happened to receive NRJ Music Award for International Song of the Year. Since 2009 she upload this music video on YouTube it’s has reach about 589 million views till date! What a wonderful song by our Colombia singer Shakira.

13. Ludacris Rollout (My Business) (Hip hop Rap song).

Rollout (My Business) is a song by American rapper Ludacris. It was the second single released from his 2001 album Word of Mouf. The song, on whose writing and composition Ludacris collaborated with music-producer Timbaland, who also produced it. 23 million views on YouTube.

14. Mary J. Blige Family Affair (R&B Song).

Family Affair is a hot R&B song by Mary J. Blige. It was written by Blige, Dre for her fifth studio album, No More Drama in 2001. She’s make it big by crossing 270 million views on YouTube. And the song was nominated for MTV Video Music Award for Best Choreography.

15. Aaliyah Rock the Boat (R&B).

Rock the Boat a song by Aaliyah. It was written by Static Major, Eric Seats and Rapture Stewart in 2001, Aaliyah is a favorite Music singer, she make up with another hit track by Dropping this dope song, People still viewing the official video on YouTube, 9.9 Million view.

16. Jennifer Lopez I’m Real (Pop song).

“I’m Real” is the name of two songs recorded by American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez, both primarily for her second studio album J.Lo (2001).
She also won the Award MTV Video Music Award for Best Hip-Hop Video, 189 million views on YouTube in 2021.

17. Nelly Furtado I’m Like a Bird (R&B Song).

“I’m Like a Bird” is a song by Canadian singer-songwriter Nelly Furtado. It was written by Furtado and produced by Gerald Eaton and Brian West for her debut studio album, Whoa, Nelly! (2000).

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