Ameerah Aminat Ajao All songs

Ameerah Aminat Ajao All Songs
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Ameerah Aminat Ajao All Songs Check out the list

Ameerah Aminat Ajao All Songs From Talkoutmusic, Ameerah aminat Ajao Is one of the most famous yoruba islam singer from her most of her trending songs she drop
like Kilese mi (what my offensive). make Ameerah Aminat Ajao the most famous Nigeria Female Islamic Singer in nigeria. obirere is a given name
from her album titled obirere, after the album of obirere, she keeps on pushing her career after some months of her album she drop Ibi giga
as her seconds album. since 2008 her been called professional yoruba islam singer. after her fans listen to some of her trending song in 2008,
she came up with another album titled Oko Wa, and during the album she has some collaboration with her muslim singer like Alhaji Abdul Azeez Salami Saoti,
Amir Hassan, Kabiru Alayande E.t.c, she market most of her songs with Alhaji Afeez Salam,i of Afeezco, in 2015 she was crown as the queen of islam
after various of her song publish on internet, like Ramadan, Adura obi, kini Akoko, appreciation, oore tio common, and many more.

Aminat Ajao song list

Ameerat Ameenat Ajao – Obi Rere

Ameerat Ameenat Ajao – Ore Tuntun

Aminat Ajao – Kilese mi

Aminat Ajao – Kadara Eni

Aminat Ajao – Appreciation

Aminat Ajao – Ilu Oyinbo

Aminat Ajao – Adura obi

Aminat Ajao – Standout

aminat Ajao – Obi rere Part 2

Aminat Ajao – Irepo Obi

Aminat Ajao – Kini Akoko

Aminat Ajao – Ile Alayo

Aminat Ajao – Alubarika

Aminat Ajao – Olowe Mowe

Aminat Ajao – Nkan Marun

Aminat Ajao – Ati Amir Hassan Pataki Obi Part 1

Aminat Ajao – Oore tio Common

Alhaji Abdul Azeez Salami Saoti & Ameerah Aminat Ajao – Ibawi Ojokan

Aminat Ajao – Special Request

Aminat Ajao & Kabiru Alayande – Ibornara

Aminat Ajao – Ibi Giga

Alh. Quadri Ojulari & Aminat Ajao – Aboaba

Aminat Ajao – Ramadan

Aminat Ajao – Itosona

Aminat Ajao – Odaju Okunrin

Aminat Ajao – Ifarada

Aminat Ajao – Olohun Fewa

Aminat ajao – Oro Olorun

Aminat Ajao – Talojowu

Aminat Ajao – Warning

Aminat Ajao – Olohun Salekun

Aminat Ajao – My Parent

Aminat Ajao – Ilara

Aminat Ajao – Odere Onilu

Aminat Ajao – Omolasho

Aminat Ajao – Pataki Obinrin 2

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